“Quality, tradition and investment in new technologies are the key to our business”

D E L I C I A S … Our value proposition:

Differentiation, we have a wide and exclusive range of products, most of which our competition does not have and are therefore differentiators.

Specialization in pies and small pasties, in addition to artisan cakes. Our daily thought, work and effort is 100% focused on offering the best of these products and making them available to our customers and consumers.

Leadership, since our beginnings, we have maintained a continuous double-digit average growth thanks to the trust that our clients place in us year after year that enables us to position ourselves as the largest specialist in the market for pies and small pies.

Investigation and development, we are constantly looking for new products to surprise our customers with.

Quality, it is undoubtedly our greastest objective and our great motivation. We have one of the most demanding food
certifications in the international market: the IFS.

We are certified since 2007.

Investment in material resources, equipping and improving our modern factory with cutting-edge technology and also human resources, nurturing the company´s key departments with the best professionals. A whole team united and focused on offering an effective service to achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and consumers.

Broad range. We have the widest and most varied range of pies and small pasties on the market, with the possibility of making custom-made products whenever the volume justifies it, adapting to all the needs of our clients.

Solvency and solidity in everything we do and in what we commit to, allowing us to be a reliable partner and a good travel companion.


We strive for you every day…

Empresa Delicias Coruña