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Quality, tradition and investment in new technologies are the key to our business.

“It is said that in the 12th century, faint and hungry ancient pilgrims knew that they were arriving in Santiago de Compostela when they could smell the pleasant aroma of bread pies from the nearby mountains. This made the pies become a new and tasty Pilgrimage Guide and an appetizing lure to repeat the experience. The pies became of such great importance that even Master Mateo decided to sculpt one in the Portico of the Gloria in St James´Cathedral and such was its gastronomic value that it was most probably included in Royal feasts of the time.”

Delicias Coruña was born with the vocation of serving typical products and yesteryear recipes on today´s tables. To do this the tradition of our land and the expert hands of our staff are combined with the most rigorous quality controls and the most modern facilities.

Our experience along with the best technology adapted to a handmade process allows us to prepare and offer you a traditional pie, prepared like never before, with maximum quality and reliability.

The Galician pie is a highly appreciated product due to its nutritional value. This makes it a great choice for a snack, starter or even to replace a meal seeing as the pace of modern life increasingly calls for more ready made products which are nutritionally balanced at the same time. It is perfect for celebrations, outings, trips and for young and old.

With our wide range of products we can adapt to our customer´s needs and we are also specialists in making custom-made products provided that the quantity is justifiable.

Quality is our main objective and vocation. We have received the most demanding food certifications for many years; BRC and IFS. Every day we strive to offer the best quality/price ratio and an impeccable relationship with our customers to achieve customer loyalty.

We want you to be one of them!

Our values

  • Achieve excellence in everything we do.
  • Exceed customers and consumers expectations.
  • An attitude of constant improvement.
  • Support, train and motivate our staff. Always act with honesty and transparency.

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